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There are certain types of gifts that are well-received and cherished by people of all ages.  These are the kinds of personalised gifts that bring as much joy to the recipient as they do the giver.  Steiff bears make great gifts for a newborn baby as well as other soft toys such as Lamaze and jellycat. The only advantage that Lamaze have over the other toys is that these lamaze toys can help your baby to develop fast, see here The famous Steiff Bear is just such a gift and is one of the most sought after teddy bears in the world.

The very first Steiff Bear was made in 1880 in Germany by Margarete Steiff.  Her vision and mission was to offer children what they deserve in the form of high quality teddy bears made from the best materials.  They have been known as the finest bears for more than a century and this is one of the reasons why they are on so many wish lists.  They are made with child safety in mind and include features such as flame resistance and are made from natural materials like alpaca, mohair, woven plush and felt.  The eyes and other small parts are firmly secured and each Steiff Bear is carefully inspected and tested before it is approved for sale.



Steiff Bears were initially designed for children.  However, they have become a popular personalised gift for adults too.  The high quality materials used along with airbrush painting and embroidery both done by hand are all factors that have influenced the popularity of Steiff Bears in the UK alone with them soon becoming ideal for gifts for young or newborn babies. Another great gift idea for newborns is a photo taken not long after birth then framed in a cute personalized frame. If you are looking for a good range ofphoto frames in the UK then this company is worth looking at.  Due to the high demand and popularity of these bears, the company decided to place a special marker to prevent counterfeits.  They did so in the form of a “Button in the Ear” which was and elephant and is now a button with the company name, Steiff, on it.

Steiff Bears are not just great and desirable gifts but willow tree figurines are also here as they are also collector’s items.  Much like other jellycat musical toys, it is the older models that fetch a high price as time goes by.  One of the most sought after designs is the one originally made in the 1920s.  The company still makes replicas of this Steiff Bear and it includes all the original features like shaggy light blonde plush, hand-embroidered black mouth and nose, paws made from felt and movable joints.  This bear is machine washable but most owners will keep them in perfect condition so that no washing is required.

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