PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence


The PetSafe Premium Underground Cat Containment Fence is the purr-fect choice for any cat owner. 

The PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence comes with a deluxe transmitter and a specially designed Cat Fence Receiver Collar. With Five Levels of adjustable correction including a tone-only mode, this is a most versatile and advanced receiver and transmitter system and is specifically designed for your Cat! With the PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence you can increase or decrease the correction to meet your cat's training needs. The PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence allows you to contain cats of all sizes within the same fence. The PetSafe Cat Fence can be used with several cats with the purchase of additional receiver collars. The PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence receiver is light and durable - perfect for a older or smaller cat, and when set at a correction level 4, strong enough for the largest and most stubborn cat.

The specially designed Cat Safety Collar features Nylon web construction with an elastic safety strip that will stretch in those instances where your cat is exploring in a tight place.

The PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence Receiver has a Low Battery indicator light on the collar, Progressive correction, which will give a stronger correction if your cat does not retreat, Run Through Prevention, which will give your cat an immediate correction if he tries to run out of the fence, and a Safety Shut Off. After 25 seconds in the boundary area the receiver will reset itself allowing your cat 10 seconds to return inside the boundary.

Other safety features include protection against false signals through an ASICS Chip, which is the only microprocessor built specifically for the pet industry by PetSafe. The ASICS Chip has 3,000 filters to prevent false signals from causing your cat an unnecessary correction. Lightning surge protection for storm-prone areas is built-in and the system comes with an easy-to-follow operation manual and video.

The PetSafe Deluxe Underground Cat Fence makes it easy to train your cat. By spending just a few minutes a day working with your cat, it can be fully trained to its fence in a few weeks. You can contain as many cats as you want in the same system as long as they are each wearing a PetSafe receiver collar. Additional PetSafe underground cat fence receivers are available separately if you have more than one cat.


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PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat FencePetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat FenceThe PetSafe Premium In-Ground Cat Fence is Safe and Effective for all cats 5 pounds and up. Features the PetSafe Premium Cat Fence Receiver-Collar with Five Levels of Adjustable Correction. Perfect for any yard up to 20 Acres. The best, most advanced cat fence on the market today.
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