Pet Beds for Dogs and Cats, designer pet beds for dogs and cats

Pet Beds (For Cats and Dogs)

We have created a beautiful line of custom designed beds for your special pets!

Our designer selected the finest materials to create beds of comfort and luxury. Get your dog and cat a bed so nice they won't want to use yours. Choose from the latest in designer dog and car beds and specialty dog and cat beds. Including donut dog beds, designer dog beds, outdoor dog beds, fleece dog beds, dog crates, pet travel gear. Visit our Automotive Products section for everything to protect your car and make pet travel a breeze. Select from luxury and waterproof car seat covers, pet car barriers, cargo liners, portable dog crates, Cabana Crates, dog tents, dog ramps and pet steps.

Enjoy the journey of luxury and elegance! We trust you will enjoy these beautiful creations as much as we have enjoyed designing them for you and your loving pets. They're not just for dogs - cats love them too!


What size is right for your pet?

There are three rules of thumb often used when answering this question.

Measure Your Pet Lying Down

Use the Weight of the Pet

When in doubt get the larger, not the smaller size

In general we believe that measuring your pet lying down as he is
normally accustomed to lying, is the best way.

Measure from nose or front legs, to back legs or rump; add 9" to 12."

Pick the size of the bed that will best fit those measurements,
remembering that round bed measurements are in diameter (width across the

Using weight, with some judgment, use the following guidelines

Small - pets up to 25 lbs

Medium - pets up to 40 lbs

Large - pets up to 85 lbs

Extra Large - pets up to 140 lbs

XX Large - pets up to 175 lbs

Weight is always an estimate; for best results... Always Measure Your

Bolster BedsBolster BedsPamper your favorite pet with one of these extremely soft round bolster pet beds. This quality product has a removable bolster for easy machine washing and drying. Premium spun spring wound filling for maximum loft even after many uses. Microfiber Ultrx Waterproof fabric cleans easy and attracts less dirt.
Cozy Cove BedCozy Cove BedThis is one of the most popular pet beds on Internet ... an we have it at the BEST prices! The Cozy Cave has a sheepskin pocket designed so that small pets can snuggle within the comfort of a faux sheepskin pocket. A support keeps the top cover in place so it can be easily entered.
Rectangular Pillow BedRectangular Pillow BedComfort, quality and style all wrapped up in one great pet pillow! This wonderfully crafted bed features a full 4.5 inches of thickness! The removable, brass zippered inner liner is filled with fine spun polyester/cedar mix. The cedar naturally kills fleas and other insects. The double stitched outer cover is both removable and washable. Available in an assortment of colors and sizes.
Pet CotPet CotKeep your pet cool and off the floor. Our Pet Cot is as cool as a summer breeze. Pet cots are a comfortable alternative to dog beds. Ideal for home in a breezeway, pantry or anywhere your pet likes to lounge around. Ideal for traveling, the pet cot sets up on a lawn, on a beach or in the woods. Storage is a snap because our Pet Cots fold flat in seconds.
Ortho LoungerOrtho LoungerThe Snoozer Ortho-Lounge is built around a 3" convoluted, egg shell and medical grade foam pad to provide first class support and comfort for your pet. Available in 4 different sizes and mixed color selections - the top is faux lambskin with four color choices for the bottom. The cover is zippered for easy removal and is washable. Available in Navy and Blue Tartan Plaid.
Pet CouchPet CouchThe Pet Couch gives your pet a warm, inviting, comfortable feeling as they rest or sleep. The Pet Couch comes with a faux lambskin interior and is available in several sizes and colors The cover is removable and washable for easy care. The high side walls highlight the wonderful poly-cotton fabric. Available in Blue, Green, Khaki an Blackbourne Plaid.
Quiltie BedQuiltie BedThe Quiltie gives your pet soft comfort - and it doesn't accumulate hair! The pillow is made from nylon quilted materials that allow you to simply shake the dirt and hair away in a fast easy motion. It is filled with cedar and soft spun polyester and is covered in a quilted design. The cedar fill naturally kills fleas and other insects. The top color is black or paisley; sidewall color is khaki. Available in four sizes, from small to extra large.
Super Ortho Lounger Dog BedSuper Ortho Lounger Dog BedWith treated fabric on all sides this dog bed is waterproof so accidents will not leak through to the foam body interior. The interior of the Super Ortho Lounger Dog and Cat Bed is made from 7" thick double sided, medical grade convoluted foam that disperses and reduces pressure on your pet. The Super Ortho Lounger Dog and Cat Bed is covered in a beautiful Emerald Green polyester fabric and sports a thick faux Lambs wool sherpa fleece top. The cover is zippered for easy care and washing. The fabric will not wrinkle or shrink if washed in cold water and air dried.
Dog Crate BedsDog Crate BedsGreat for use in a dog crate, cage or carrier
Waterproof LoungerWaterproof LoungerThis 5" thick waterproof lounger is designed for the outdoors - use it in the dog house, car port or garage. Filled with cedar and poly - the cedar naturally eliminates fleas and other insects. The cover is machine washable and dryable. Available in both round and rectangular styles and your choice of sizes.

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