PetSafe Pawz Away Dog Scat Mat

PetSafe Pawz Away Dog/Cat Mat - Scat Mat

PetSafe Pawz Away Dog/Cat Mat - Scat Mat

Simply place the PetSafe Pawz Away Dog/Cat Scat Mat in a location you would like your dogs to avoid. When he touches the PetSafe Pawz Away Dog Mat, he receives a mild static shock and will quickly learn to stay away from that area. If your dog has a habit of rolling, scratching and shedding on your rug, the PetSafe Pawz Away Dog Mat will encourage him to move elsewhere. Keep your dog off the sofa, counter or out of any area you want with the PetSafe Pawz Away Dog Mat.

There is never any danger of injury to your pets. Pawz Away adjusts to 3 levels of correction, all in the range of familiar static shocks. After one or two encounters, your pet will associate the corrections with the area where his mischief occurred and avoid those areas. Since the Pawz Away is battery powered you can move it to other problem areas. (Requires 9-volt alkaline battery not included)

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PetSafe Pawz Away Dog/Cat Scat MatPetSafe Pawz Away Dog/Cat Scat MatThe PetSafe Pawz Away Dog or Cat Mat is a valuable aid in training your pets to avoid areas you want to protect. Petsafe Scat Mat will keep your pets out of unwanted areas.

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