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Tens of Thousands of Dogs are lost every year.
Don't Let Yours Be One of Them!

GPS technology is integrated into many parts of our lives today, from cell phones to navigation. We don't even give it a second thought anymore, yet our lives are the better for it every day. Now it is possible to use this same technology we find so ordinary in a new way, to help us protect one of the most important things in our lives: our pets.

RoamEO GPS Dog Tracking and Locator Systems are exciting new products that enables dog owners to quickly and easily locate & contain their pets. Using a GPS-enabled collar, RoamEO GPS Dog Tracking and Locator Systems can pinpoint your pet's location and show you where he's heading. It's that simple. Now each time you put on your pet's collar, it comes with the extraordinary advantage of knowing that you can locate your pet at anytime. Most of the time, it's just that extra comfort of knowing where he is when he's running around out back. And then there may be those times when your pet is counting on you to help him, and that's when RoamEO GPS Dog Tracking and Locator Systems will make you his hero.

Maybe your pet doesn't know what GPS is, but he does know how important your companionship is. So keep him safe with a RoamEO GPS Dog Tracking and Locator System.


We are pleased to offer both the RoamEO Classic GPS dog tracking system and the NEW RoamEO Pup GPS tracking system. 

  Please check out the difference below!

RoamEO. So home is never far away.




Free UPS Ground Shipping in Continental US!

RoamEO Classic GPS Dog Tracking System
RoamEO PUP GPS Dog Tracking System 

 RoamEO Classic GPS Dog

Tracking System



Dog Tracking System


RoamEO Pup GPS Dog Tracking System

RoamEO Pup GPS Dog Tracking SystemRoamEO Pup GPS Dog Tracking Collars Tracks Your Dog up to 3 Miles Away
Price $279.99

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