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PetSafe Sport Dog Stubborn Dog Remote Trainer

PetSafe Sport Dog Stubborn Dog Remote Trainer
PetSafe Sport Dog Stubborn Dog Remote Trainer
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The Sport Dog Shock Collar and Remote Trainer for Stubborn Dogs is the first
full featured shock collar and remote trainer designed for both the
professional trainer and the average pet owner with no training experience.

A complete comprehensive training manual shows how to properly use this
Remote Trainer to make training a fun and rewarding experience for both the
pet and the pet owner. The Remote Trainer can be used to deter unwanted
behavior such as digging, chewing on furniture, jumping on guests, or barking.
Or it can be used for basic obedience training such as teaching the "come"

This Remote Training and Shock Collar has 255 different frequencies. The
frequency is pre-set at the factory. This allows you to use two or more remote
trainers on two or more dogs and correct only the dog that needs it.

Exclusive Features

Waterproof receiver 10 correction levels that you set conveniently
with a thumbwheel on the transmitter

Range of 100 yards - 300 feet

Tone only or tone with correction options

Safety shut-off 255 different frequencies so you can train more than one
dog at a time using two remote trainers

Mix & Match with the Regular Sport Dog version

No obtrusive, external antenna

Uses common 3-volt lithium batteries in the receiver and a 9 volt
battery in the transmitter for maximum convenience and minimum cost

Weighs just 3.6 ounces with batteries and probes - Receiver Size: 1 x
1.25 x 2.5 inches

Appropriate for dogs over 15 pounds

Lifetime warranty

These remote trainers cannot be shipped to Europe.

Also Available:

Extra 3 Volt Batteries 2 Pack $5.00 RFA-35

Extra 9 Volt Batteries 2 Pack $4.00 RFA-9V